So, what is this?

About the comic

Postcards in Braille is a comic about the daily life of a group of friends who are starting to step into adulthood.
The comic is mainly character-driven, so you'll probably get a better idea of the comic by taking a look at the cast page.

Expect silly moments, mushy moments, bromance, terrible underground bands, blindness awareness and Braille literacy.

The comic updates on Mondays!

About the author

Hello! my name is Constanza Yovaniniz, a grad school student from Santiago, Chile.

Postcards is my favourite comic project to date, and is part of a world I've been creating for years. Due to my studies and other work I don't have as much time to work on comics as I'd like to, but I'm still very enthusiastic about them! I hope you enjoy reading these comics as much as I enjoy drawing them.

If you ever feel like talking, go ahead! I don't bite! You can contact me at kurisquare (at)
You can also visit my website! or my Twitter. Whichever you prefer.